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Christophe Fergeau


for libgpod 0.7.0

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This manual documents the interfaces of the libgpod library and has some short notes to help get you up to speed with using the library.

Please see the programs in the tests/ directory of the source distribution for some usage examples. A more complete example can be found in the source for Gtkpod. You can also ask questions on the developer's mailing list:

I. iPod database
iPod database reading/writing — Functions to read, write, and create an iPod database
File handling functions — Managing files on the iPod
Time handling — [DEPRECATED] Helper functions to convert between Epoch time and Mac (iPod) time
Low-level functions — Low-level functions which shouldn't be needed in normal situations
iPod database components
Tracks — Data structure to store metadata about an iPod track
Playlists — Data structure to represent an iPod playlist
Smart Playlists — Data structure to represent an iPod smart playlist
Artwork — Data structure to store iPod artwork (album covers)
Chapter Data — Data structure to store chapter data for tracks
Device — Data structure holding information about the iPod (model, mount point, etc.)
II. Photo database
Photo database — Functions to create, read, write the photo database